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Jim Hunt is a nationally known stained glass artist and published author originally from the San Francisco Bay area.  For the past eight years Jim has made his home in beautiful Florence, Oregon, on the Central Oregon Coast. 

Jim Hunt's Stained Glass artwork can be found in homes all over the world. Jim creates and crafts every piece with the utmost precision of a fine craftsman. On the Products page you can see a few examples of his fine artistry. 
Many local home builders have taken advantage of Jim's talent and have commissioned his designs and creations in entryways and specially shaped windows of prestigious homes throughout the Central Oregon Coastal area.
Besides being an artist, Jim is also a teacher. Many of his students come from a great distance just to study his techniques and unusual use of colors.
If you would like to know more, or are interested in any of Jim's presently available pieces, feel free to send him Email, or call him at 541-991-2388

Jim invites you to see his work!!

Custom Work

You can commission Jim to make your 
"Once in a lifetime masterpiece" 

use your design or his. 

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Contact Information

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